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About Us


Our Endeavour Is to Brighten Up The Future Of Our Country By Illuminating Its People

Let’s Fill Colors In Others Life, Let’s Donate Eyes

Jan kalyan eye hospital educational and research institute are the expression of the vision quest, a response to the silent call of thousands who have lost their sight. Under the leadership of Dr. J. P Gupta, And Founder Mr. T. R Batli JAN KALYAN EYE HOSPITAL EDUCATIONAL AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE was founded in 1978 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA with the mission to eradicate needless blindness in Uttar Pradesh.

We work on the principle of providing quality eye care in a affordable manner such that there is complete elimination of curable blindness from India. We immensely take joy of doing something really beautiful and makes us worth to be called as humans. Our fight is primarily against the blindness in India and therefore, we along with our team of skilled and trained doctors and other staff provide excellent eye care facilities to people of all cate, creed, religion and gender.

Jankalyan Eye Hospital Educational and research Institute as the name suggest is chiefly dedicated to common people hence,for us  it is our foremost duty to serve the eyecare facilities to all specially to undeserved and unserved people suffering from various eye related ailments for their brighter lives as we believe that we can only light up the future of our country by illuminating its people.

Jankalyan Eye Hospital Educational and research Institute having the most innovative and advanced eyecare delivery systems we ensures to bring the advanced eyecare services to doorsteps along with it assuring the equal service quality and care for all regardless of economic inequality.We work on basic principle that large volume, high quality service result in low cost and sel-sustainability.

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